We respect your privacy.


We believe that you have a right to complete privacy when using our app, when visiting our site or when contacting us. Our privacy policy is to not consider people’s data a value in our business: we do not collect it and do not use it for commercial purposes. In cases where we need data to respond to a support request or to activate an app license, we ask for your consent and try to be clear about why we do it. We explain how long we keep the data, we delete it when it is no longer needed, and we allow people to choose to withdraw their consent to the processing of data when possible. We use the most modern security measures to protect data and limit access to data only to staff who need it to do their jobs. In some cases we may be legally obliged to disclose certain data collected to law enforcement at their request.



We do not directly sell the software we produce but this is sold by others (e.g Apple Inc.). When you purchase one of our apps, you can refer to the privacy documentation provided by the merchant in which you purchase it for information on the data collected. Generally when a purchase is made, the shopkeeper collects at least this information: name and surname, address, email address (see the store’s privacy page for more precise information that varies from shop to shopkeeper). The purpose of collecting this information is usually to identify people as owners of an app license and to send information for the purchase and licensing of the product. This information is not collected or stored by us but by the merchant from whom you purchased the app which may communicate it to us to be used in the time necessary to provide assistance or activation of the license.

A part of our online order process is conducted by the online reseller Paddle. Paddle is the Merchant of Record for a part of our orders. Paddle provides customer service inquiries and handles returns. When you make a purchase you will be directed to their site and you will receive all the information about your purchase from them. Paddle’s privacy policy.

A part of our online order process is conducted by the online reseller Fastspring. Fastspring is the Merchant of Record for a part of our orders. Fastspring provides customer service inquiries and handles returns. When you make a purchase you will be directed to their site and you will receive all the information about your purchase from them. FastSspring’s privacy policy.


License verification of use

We may check if a user is in possession of a usage license if you contact us for support in the following cases: if you request a refund, if you ask us to send you the serial number, if you need a discount coupon to purchase an upgrade.


We do not disclose information

Our policy is very simple: we do not disclose this information to third parties. Since we do not sell our products directly, we do not collect these data to complete the purchase transactions either. We do not collect or store the credit card number, expiration date or CVV code. When you start a purchase from our website, you will open a page of the merchant who sells the software, the transition is not processed by us. The data is not stored on any server of our property even temporarily.


Update information

You can update your personal information at any time by contacting us via our support page.


Removal information

We retain information about your purchase to facilitate support interactions, unless you ask us to remove them. To request the removal of personal information related to a purchase, contact us by sending a ticket. After removal we will no longer be able to provide you with your registration information in the future, so remember to keep the serial number of your license.


Support Interaction

When we handle requests for support from a user, we collect the email address and other information provided voluntarily by the user. This information is collected solely to help resolve the problem that generated the support request. We maintain support emails indefinitely in order to have a context of previous interactions that could help us respond more quickly to future questions and also to identify general trends in support requests, which can help us identify and solve problems with our products. If you wish to remove the support emails you have sent, please contact us via our support page.


Mailing list

You may receive an offer to subscribe to our newsletter when you purchase an app or when visiting our site. If you accept, your email address and your name will be added to our mailing list. Our mailing list is sent a few times in a year and is generally limited to announcements of new major versions, offers of discounts for users.

We do not sell or otherwise disclose part of our email list to third parties, except for the company that provides our mailing list services needed to distribute emails. If you subscribe to our mailing list, we keep your email address and name until you ask to be removed. Instructions on how to unsubscribe are contained in all messages sent to the mailing list. You can also unsubscribe by simply contacting us via our support page.


Usage Analytics

We cannot track an individual user’s behavior. We also cannot receive information from your device’s displays, cameras, or microphones. All our apps avoid collecting any data and do not send out any private information.


Crash Logs

If one of our apps crashes while you are using it, data about the crash could be collected and sent to us to help identify the cause of the crash so that we can try to fix it in a future update. A crash log contains information about the state of the app, operating system, and device at the time of the crash. Nothing in the crash log can be used to personally identify you, and crash logs do not contain any personal data.


Update Checking

By default, our Mac apps periodically check to see if a newer version of the app is available, so that you can be given the choice to update if you want to. For apps acquired from the App Store or Mac App Store, update checking behavior is controlled by the operating system.


WordPress and Jetpack

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A cookie is a short text string that is sent to your browser and is then saved on your computer or mobile device whenever you visit a website. We use cookies for various purposes. Please visit this page to learn more about our Cookies Policy.


European Union citizens’ rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects European Union data subjects’ fundamental right to privacy and the protection of personal data. European Union citizens can exercise their rights under the general data protection regulation, such as access and cancellation rights, by contacting us with their request. You can send the request simply by contacting us via our support page.


Questions and comments

Our privacy policies may change or be changed for clarity and completeness over time. The updated information will always be available from this page. If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or data processing, please contact us via our support page.