About Altomac

Altomac is a company founded in 2005 dedicated to develop award-winning Mac software.

The Altomac software design philosophy

Right after opening an Altomac app, you can immediately focus on your task, not even noticing that you’re using an entirely new software.

This is the result of software design that employs a scientific approach derived from ethnography. It is completely different from the classic reductionist approach which attempts to identify the basic behavior of the human being in his interaction with the environment (a thing which often diverts software designers from the end user’s needs). We study the everyday habits of computer users and we analyze what really happens when people use their Macs.

We examine how users coordinate their activities, make use of applications’ windows, organize their desktop icons and how they switch between apps. We try to understand how they do the things they do.

In contrast to other approaches in software development, our philosophy takes into heavy consideration the fact that a new app will be inserted into an organized environment which is a system that is already set up and stable. Because of this, we write apps that are comfortable and natural to use. Software that will simply make you feel good.


The Altomac Team

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